FBI: Clinton emails shows Alvaro Uribe paramilitary link

Narcoparamilitar and former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe with then US Secretary Hillary Clinton in a meeting in Uruguay/Photo: Web
FBI: Clinton emails shows Alvaro Uribe paramilitary link

A series of emails from the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, warn about the link of the former president of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe Velez, with telephone and paramilitary recordings, during the days when Clinton headed the agency, said Caracol Radio on Monday, September 7.

The emails are part of the FBI investigation into Clinton on handling confidential information.

There are 25 personal email messages of Hillary Clinton mentioning Colombia. The first email is signed by the former US Ambassador in that country William Brownfield dated June 2, 2010.

In that e-mail is highlighted. “During her visit to Colombia in June 2010, the most important thing that the Secretary has to do is avoid effusive treatment to President Alvaro Uribe, who leaves the post in August. In Colombia, the Secretary’s visit should focus on the free trade agreement and the support of the “strategic fight against drugs.” This information was sent to Clinton through her then chief of staff, Chery Mills.

That same email indicates the importance of avoiding the tone of the US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, during his visit in April, in which he called Uribe “a great hero” and failed to mention some concerns about him.

Likewise, in the letter sent by Brownfield, who is the current deputy secretary of state for Narcotics and Law Enforcement, says that the US government must face major issues such as the increase of civilian deaths by Colombian military known as “false positives”.

According to this email, declassified by the FBI and made public through the web site, “among those involved in the para-politics are the president’s cousin, Mario Uribe, the brother of his former foreign minister and individuals that were appointed by the president as ambassadors of Colombia in Chile, Dominican Republic and Canada.”



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