Nearly a Hundred Mexican Mayors were Attacked in Ten Years

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Nearly a Hundred Mexican Mayors were Attacked in Ten Years

Over the last decade nearly a hundred mayors and municipal officials were victims of attacks, said today the Association of Local Authorities of Mexico (Aalmac, in Spanish).

That group urged the federal government to implement measures to stop the wave of violence that on January 2 caused the death of the mayor of Temixco, Morelos, Gisela Raquel Mota, who had taken office the day before her death, by four hit men.

According to the association, many mayors face intimidation and pressure mechanisms by the organized crime.

Aalmac considered that being a mayor in Mexico is a high-risk occupation.

Meanwhile, the Party of the Democratic Revolution condemned the murder of this colleague in Morelos who, it was said, had declared war to crime.

Source/Prensa Latina

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