Black Nationalist: A Black Person Voting For Hillary Is Like a Jew Voting For Hitler (Video)

US Black Nationalist Shakem Amenhotep Akhet during the interview
Black Nationalist: A Black Person Voting For Hillary Is Like a Jew Voting For Hitler (Video)

US Black Nationalist Shakem Amenhotep Akhet says that a “black person voting for Hillary Clinton is like a Jew voting for Adolf Hitler.”

In an interview with the liberal YouTube channel “The Young Turks,” Akhet said, “We know that under the Clinton regime, that he instituted the three strikes policy and actually increased the amount of black men in prison, black men and women in the prisons system, where you have blacks getting caught with a gram of crack cocaine and getting a life sentence.”

Jordan Chariton, the reporter who interviewed Akhet, shot back, “Do you think it’s a little strong to compare her or Bill to Hitler? I mean, I’m a Jew so rounding them up, sending them to gas chambers, I think is a little different than mass incarceration. I’m not condoning mass incarceration, especially for weed and crack cocaine. Bill Clinton didn’t put them in the gas chambers, so I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. I’m not saying black people being jailed isn’t taking their lives, I’m just saying, one is genocide, one’s imprisonment.”

Akhet shot back, “Okay, it’s the same thing right and I’m going to tell you why. Anytime you take an 18, a 19 year old man, a young boy and you take away his life and you give him a life sentence, that’s genocide. You killin’ him. You are cutting him off from society. You are leaving children, you are not only affecting this man, but you affecting everybody around him.”


Chariton then warned Akhet that if his assertion gets picked up “and Bill O’Reilly on Fox News saw that, they’re gonna put on TV some loudmouth black guy with a big necklace and, you know, very boisterous clothes, trying to create a race war. I think that’s the media prism your dealing with, the right-wing media and even some left-wing media that make you the bogeyman.”

Akhet replied, “The reason why they do that is because they, the whites are actually scared because they have done so much in the past towards blacks. If you give — and the white man thinks if you give a black just an inclining or a small amount of power… they think if we get in power, we’re going to do the same thing that they did to us. But guess what, history shows that’s a lie.”


Source/The Daily Caller


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