Analyst Denounces US Training of Youths to Overthrow Bolivian Government

CIA, as usual, trying to destabilize governments that don't kneel to Washington/Photo: Web
Analyst Denounces US Training of Youths to Overthrow Bolivian Government

Political analyst Idon Chivi denounced here U.S. interfering plans against Bolivian sovereignty, aimed at using and manipulating young people to destabilize Evo Morales’ government.

He added that the strategy is inscribed within the MK-Ultra plan, also known as the CIA mental control program.

The MK-Ultra project attracted the attention of the public opinion in 1975, when the U.S. Congress Church Committee opened an investigation about the abuses carried out by intelligence services in the previous decades related to the application of the mental control techniques.

The MK-Ultra is a plan to brain wash young people, and introduce them ideologies of the U.S. government, Chivi told national media yesterday.

The analyst referred to the recent arrival to Bolivia of Coronel Felando Pierre Thigpen, an expert in CIA undercover operations and head of Human resources for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Pentagon.

By the end of April, Thigpen travelled from Arlington in Virginia, to the southeastern city of Santa Cruz de l Sierra in Bolivia, with the objective of inaugurating a training program for young instructors of the MK-Ultra program of the State Department.

He added that the U.S. official has the mission of recruiting similar agents to join the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (DEA), expelled from Bolivia in 2008.

He said Thigpen also met Peter Breeman and Erik Foronda, business attaché and media and press advisor at the US Embassy, respectively.

He said they are behind an undercover plan to train youths for an eventual emerging government.

Source/Prensa Latina

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