British Petroleum Oil Production in Canada Affected by Alberta Wildfire

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British Petroleum Oil Production in Canada Affected by Alberta Wildfire

British Petroleum, one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies, will not be able to deliver on some contracts amid wildfires in Canada’s Alberta province, Upstream reports.

“BP today was issued a Force Majeure by one of its suppliers and BP subsequently passed it on to its customers,” the company confirmed with the newspaper on Friday.

According to Upstream, Syncrude Canada had completely shut down mining and extraction operations at its Aurora site amid the fires.

A wildfire near Fort McMurray, located in Canada’s oil-rich western province of Alberta, was discovered late on Sunday and spread into the city on Tuesday as winds blew in the direction of populated areas.

On Tuesday, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo said that the entire city of Fort McMurray with a total population of over 60,000 had been evacuated after wildfires were fanned into populated areas by unpredictable winds.

On Wednesday, Alberta declared a state of emergency as the number of evacuees surpassed 80,000. At least 1,600 buildings have been hit by the fire.

Oil prices jumped 2 percent on Thursday as the Alberta wildfire cut production from Canada’s oil sands region. The oil fields are located about 30-100 kilometers (18-60 miles) north of Fort McMurray.


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