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Strict Alert in Costa Rica to Prevent Deaths From Influenza

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Strict Alert in Costa Rica to Prevent Deaths From Influenza

Costa Rican health authorities are today maintaining strict monitoring and alert protocols to prevent further deaths from the seasonal influenza virus, which has already killed 10 this year.

With the rainy season, and especially from October to February, the circulation of strains of influenza virus (A3HN2 and AH1N1 this year) increase.

The Health Ministry’s institutions released more recommendations for the population two months ago, to minimize the spread of seasonal flu.

In a recent press conference, Health Minister Fernando Llorca recalled that the government acquired one million 200,000 doses of vaccines against seasonal influenza, of which one million 81, 000, 021 have been administrated since May, when the massive immunization campaign began.

After describing this amount of immunized people as a record, Lorca said that this was the best way to prepare the country to face the peak stage of influenza.

The minister also called on families to reinforce preventive measures, especially for members of the family who are at most risk, such as those with alterations to the immune system, diabetics, children under three, people with chronic heart problems, those with a high degree of obesity and those over 65.

Among the preventive measures, Llorca mentioned hand-washing, covering the mouth with the forearm when sneezing (never the hand), not going to big events if suffering flu symptoms and avoiding smoking altogether.

The minister said that of the 10 deaths due to influenza only one did not present risk factors.

Source/Prensa Latina

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