Caribbean Leaders Call to Intensified Regional Integration

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Caribbean Leaders Call to Intensified Regional Integration

Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Irwin LaRocque, says the regional body is working towards a Results Based Management (RBM) system that will measure the tangible results of regional integration mechanisms.

LaRocque, pointed to the significance of the reform process when he addressed the opening ceremony of the 28th Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of CARICOM Heads of Government here on Thursday.

He noted that gauging the impact of the regional integration movement was an integral part of the reform.

“Reform is driving the change in the way we do business and aims to make the CARICOM Secretariat, the Regional Institutions and the Member States more accountable in the conduct of their roles as Implementing Partners in the integration process,” he said.

Ambassador LaRocque said a key element to that accountability was the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation and reporting system based on the principles of RBM.

The RBM is being applied to assist CARICOM to advance the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan 2015-2019 through enhanced focus on results. It is intended to ensure that all stakeholders have a common and in-depth understanding of their roles in the CARICOM Strategic Plan, the Community Operational Plan, the Strategic Implementation Plan and Strategic Business Plan.

Within the RBM system CARICOM Secretariat’s work programmes and the Community Operational Plan are being developed within a framework that also focuses on results at every stage to achieve their desired objectives in a more targeted manner.

“We will be able to judge through indicators just what we have achieved and what are the roadblocks deterring us. It will foster a results-oriented culture, aimed at increasing the pace of regional integration and its impact on the lives of the people of our Region,” the Secretary-General told the Conference.

He added that with a US$500,000 grant the CARICOM Secretariat has received from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), a consulting firm has been working to advance the gender sensitive CARICOM RBM system which includes performance scorecards.


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