Culiacan Ready for Caribbean Baseball Series

Photo: Cuban News Agency
Culiacan Ready for Caribbean Baseball Series

Everything is ready in Culiacan, Mexico, for the start tomorrow of the 59th Caribbean Baseball Series with the champion teams of the professional leagues of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the host country, with Cuba as the invited nation.

The venue of the competition is the new stadium of the Culiacan Tomateros (Tomato Pickers) with a capacity for 20,000 people, while the city, capital of the Mexican state of Sinagola, has been decorated for the awaited tournament.

There’s much enthusiasm among the baseball lovers in Culiacan who despite their team, the Tomateros, did not make it to final of the Pacific League, they are cheering for the Mexicalli Eagles, the team representing Mexico in the Series.

Representing Dominican Republic is champion Licey Tigers, from Puerto Rico is competing the Caguas Creoles, from Venezuela the Zulia Eagles and from Cuba the Granma Chestnuts.

The competition starts this coming Wednesday and will wind up on February 7 with the final.

Source/Prensa Latina

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