Ecuador: A 20-Day Campaign to Elect the Next President

Lenin Moreno-Jorge Glas and the Guillermo Lasso/Photo: Prensa Latina
Ecuador: A 20-Day Campaign to Elect the Next President

The campaign of the two political forces that will go to the second round of presidential elections in Ecuador, the ruling Alianza PAIS Movement and the opposition CREO-SUMA, will last 20 days.

In less than three weeks, the Lenin Moreno-Jorge Glas and the Guillermo Lasso-Andres Paez formulas will try to convince the voters who will determine the future of the country in the next four years on April 2.

Moreno and Glas symbolize the Citizen’s Revolution, which has worked for ten years to dignify the people and implement measures to improve the citizens’ quality of life amid tough circumstances, including the fall in oil prices, the appreciation of the U.S. dollar and even natural disasters, the worst of which was the earthquake that shook the country in April 2016.

Lasso and Paez are asking voters to choose change and are trying to convince them that they are the best option to make the country move forward, with many promises and few elements to support them.

According to political scientists, from March 10 to 30, a battle marked by the fury of the right wing, which in its effort to gain ground and voters will resort to any mechanisms, as proved after the general elections on February 19, will be waged.

On the day of the elections, after the polling stations closed, the opposition took to the streets to demand a second round as a mechanism to pave the way to reports of alleged fraud. At the time, President Rafael Correa publicly rejected what he called ‘a dirty campaign’ by the opposition.

At the same time, groups opposed to the government and led by Andres Paez, who is running for the vice presidency of Ecuador, incited disorder and even violence by picketing for at least four days in front of the headquarters of the National Electoral Council, while the vote counting was under way.

According to Juan Paz y Miño, a PhD in history, the opposition’s actions respond to a strategy used since 1978.

‘They do not care if there are ‘low’ or ‘noble’ weapons, because they are moved by the only interest in restoring their power in the State, preserving their domination and rebuilding the entrepreneurial economic and societal model,’ said the academic in an article entitled ‘Ecuador to the Second Round’, published in the newspaper El Telegrafo.

The first round of elections ended with the victory of ex Vice President Moreno with 39.36 percent of votes, while the former banker Lasso won 28.09 percent, nearly 12 percent of votes fewer than the official candidate, who was not declared president because he failed to win the minimum of 40 percent demanded by law.

While the opposition maintains its attacks on local media, which echo its farce, and social networks, which played a key role in the elections, Moreno, Alianza PAIS and their followers repeat their calls for peace and bet on the benefits received by the people for more than ten years.

In that context, the first surveys before the second round were published on the Internet and they grant an advantage to the former vice president.

According to a poll carried out by the Social Research Center from February 22 to 24, Moreno would win the second round with 59 percent of votes, while Lasso would get 41 percent.

Source/Prensa Latina

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