61% of Venezuelans Believe the Opposition Is Unable to Solve Economic Situation

Former Venezuelan Vice President and Journalist Jose Vicente Rangel
61% of Venezuelans Believe the Opposition Is Unable to Solve Economic Situation

The latest survey by polling firm Hinterlaces reveals that 61% of Venezuelans do not believe that an opposition government can solve the current economic situation facing the country, characterized by inflation and delay in production.

The results, released Sunday by journalist Jose Vicente Rangel, in his Sunday analysis TV show, indicate that only 36% of Venezuelans trust that a right-wing government will be able to solve economic problems.

Likewise, the survey shows that 55% of the population prefers that government of President Nicolas Maduro take effective measures and solve failures of the national economy, while 42% prefer an opposition administration.

The survey, conducted from 15 to 29 March, through 1,580 direct interviews, reports that 67% of respondents believe that their economic future will depend on their own effort, and 31% believe it will depend on what the goverment does.


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