Opposition Link in a Number of Venezuela Protest Deaths, Minister Says

Opposition terrorists, so-called pacific demonstrators, during the violent protests against Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas/Photo: Reuters
Opposition Link in a Number of Venezuela Protest Deaths, Minister Says

Venezuela’s Minister of Interior said attacks to civilians and police were planned by the opposition after three people were killed in the midst of protest by the right-wing opposition in Caracas on Wednesday.

Among those killed during protest violence Wednesday was Niumar José Sanclemente Barrios, a 28-year-old sergeant with the National Guard, who was apparently killed by sniper fire during riots in the Caracas suburb of San Antonio de las Altos.

Nestor Reverol announced authorities had arrested the man responsible in the shooting death of Paola Ramirez, who was shot during the march in the border state of Tachira. The minister said the alleged killer, Ivan Aleisis Pernia Davila is an active member of the opposition political party Vente Venezuela.

He said investigations have revealed that the crime was planned and that Davila had also shot 20 times against supporters of the government of Nicolas Maduro.

Reverol said they are also investigating the death of 17-year-old Carlos Moreno, who died after being shot in the head near an opposition protest. Family members of the deceased say he was not participating in a demonstration, but was rather on his way to play soccer.

Another woman is in critical condition after being hit in the head by an opposition sympathizer as she walked alongside a pro-government march. 

This comes days after government detained two protesters, Alejandro Sanchez and his brother Jose, who confessed that lawmakers of the Justice First opposition party gave sums of money to demonstrators to foment violence during the marches.

On Thursday, leaders of the opposition announced they will continue their protests on the streets of Caracas to force the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro.

President Maduro said Wednesday authorities had arrested more than 30 protesters engaged in violence, including an alleged leader of a group of rioters who was caught with explosives.

Venezuelan authorities have called on the Organization of American Staes, OAS, to condemn the violence perpetrated by the opposition.


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