Venezuelan Authorities Captured Armed Group that Intended to Activate Violent Plans This Wednesday

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro
Venezuelan Authorities Captured Armed Group that Intended to Activate Violent Plans This Wednesday

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro announced Tuesday that an armed group has been captured in Caracas that intended to generate violence in the march called by the opposition for this Wednesday, April 19.

“A group commando of the opposition, convicted and confessed, were captured with plans and weapons to attack the march called by the right for tomorrow 19 April,” said the President during a broadcast of Venezolana de Television.

From the Palace of Miraflores, the President emphasized that the security agencies keep an investigation – that is being handled with prudence – to capture the logistic operators “who move the money, the financiers and also move the violence and the mercenaries.”

The capture of the armed group was carried out after the search of hotels located in the center of the city, in areas such as Plaza Caracas, Sabana Grande and Plaza Venezuela, said the head of state.

Also the security agencies learned of another coup group that would lead a plot against the constitutionality of the Republic.

“Today the state security agencies have dismantled … one of the leaders of the military plot that we have been dismantling for three weeks, is already in prison and also the judicial processes of military jurisdiction, prosecuting all… civil and military, retired or active “.

Authorities keep track of members who fled to Colombia, the President added.

The intention is to attack against “the most sacred thing the Republic has, the union of the country, the civic military union, the peace and only by an imperial mandate by the pettiness of an oligarchy”.

In his address, the President denounced that the US State Department activated a coup process against Venezuela under the coordination of the national right, by which he indicated as one of those responsible who illegitimately exercises the presidency of the National Assembly in contempt, deputy of Primero Justicia party, Julio Borges.

“This Mr. Julio Borges, I point it out with first and last name in front of the country because he has assumed the responsibility for the coup against Venezuela that has decreed from… the Legislative Federal Palace.”

In this sense, the President called on the people of Venezuela with historical awareness to repudiate the new coup pretensions of the right to face them, for the stability of the nation.

“We are going to face it and we are going to defeat this coup with all the constitutional firmness that the laws give me and that gives me the people in civic military union”, emphasized.


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