Bolivia Promotes Regional Integration against Foreign Interference

Bolivia's Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni/Photo: Prensa Latina
Bolivia Promotes Regional Integration against Foreign Interference

Bolivia’s Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni called today for strengthening Latin American and Caribbean integration to prevent external actors from fomenting confrontation and violence in Venezuela.

The diplomat expressed support for the Bolivarian government at the recent ministerial meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which addressed the escalation of instigated violence in Venezuela from abroad.

‘Violence, wherever it comes from, must be rejected, because it only brings death and pain,’ Huanacuni emphasized at the meeting held at the Foreign Ministry of El Salvador, pro-tempore president of CELAC.

In his speech, he proposed to strengthen integration to defend the unity of the region in instances such as the Common Market of the South, the Union of South American Nations and CELAC and insisted on the need to solve problems through consensus.

‘Dialogue, a debate of ideas and words are the most wonderful things that human beings have, therefore, at all times and in all places we should have the ability to listen and listen to ourselves,’ said the representative of the plurinational State.

Huanacuni reaffirmed Bolivia’s support for the initiative of Pope Francis, who called on international facilitators to make every effort to establish mechanisms for dialogue to ensure a durable solution for Venezuela.

‘We are convinced that the Venezuelan people do not want confrontations, but it is rather the moment when it expects and requires clear answers, no more incitement to hatred, destabilization, and death,’ concluded the Bolivian foreign minister.

Source/Prensa Latina

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