CELAC Addresses Threats to Venezuela’s Constitutional Order in El Salvador

San Salvador is hosting from Tuesday an extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC)
CELAC Addresses Threats to Venezuela’s Constitutional Order in El Salvador

San Salvador is hosting from Tuesday an extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), in response to a request made by Venezuela to address attacks against the country’s constitutional order, led by an opposition sector committed to a new coup plan.

At this stage, the coup plot features an intense international campaign to lay the ground for a foreign intervention and violent street actions that left 29 people killed and 519 injured last April. In this regard, Venezuela has denounced the objective of this agenda is to create an image of ungovernability conducive to foreign intervention supported by the Organization of American States (OAS).

El Salvador’s president, Salvador Sanchez Cerez, as pro tempore president of CELAC, reiterated Monday his support for the dialogue between the Venezuelan government and opposition so that the country continues developing without intervention and peacefully.

During his address to workers that marched this Monday in San Salvador, Sanchez called for “finding ways so that Venezuela can continue its development and realize its aspiration for understanding and dialogue in peace.”

“We hope that tomorrow’s meeting can find paths,” said the Salvadoran president, reaffirming the commitment of his people to internationalism and solidarity among nations.

“As CELAC pro tempore president we have declared this zone as a zone of peace, in which we will fight so that we can live in peace and we can build the development of our countries based on the will of our peoples,” said Sanchez Ceren.

The CELAC meeting was requested by Venezuela before formalizing its withdrawal from the OAS, an organization that has been used as the backbone of the attacks against the country, with actions such as that of April 26 when 19 countries decided to convene a meeting of foreign ministers to address “Venezuela’s crisis” without its consent.

Venezuela sent the following day a letter of resignation from the OAS, denouncing that this body “has become a vehicle for interventions that are openly damaging to the principles and the international rule of law.”

In solidarity with the Bolivarian nation, Salvadoran social movements have announced they will rally this Tuesday May 2 at the headquarters of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of El Salvador, in support of Venezuela and its decision to withdraw from the OAS, Prensa Latina reported.


According to the CELAC Organic Procedure, the foreign ministers of the bloc will meet regularly twice a year, and extraordinary meetings may be convened if necessary at the request of a member state, in this case of Venezuela.

Among the powers of CELAC Foreign Ministers is to adopt resolutions and issue pronouncements on regional or international issues of interest to the countries of the region.

The CELAC is made up of 33 countries and aims to deepen the political, economic, social and cultural integration of the countries of the region, as well as to discuss threats to a member state.

This mechanism was established during the Summit of the Latin American and Caribbean Unit (CALC) in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, on February 23, 2010, and put into operation on December 3, 2011 at the Founding Summit of Caracas.


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