Crime In The Caribbean Is Driving Tourists Away

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Crime In The Caribbean Is Driving Tourists Away

Crime in the Caribbean is driving tourists away – and the violent crime rate there is higher than in Latin America or Africa.

The Interamerican Development Bank – in a report issued this week – says it compiled a study based on a survey of 3,000 crime victims in each of five countries: the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica and Suriname, reports AFP.

“While the non-violent crime rate is low, violent crime rates “are among the highest in the world”, the report says.

A leader-story in the Recorder newspaper said: “But behind the happy-go-lucky image, the region also harbours a darker side: violent crime and a tolerance for domestic violence.”

The bank report states that one in three said they had lost someone to violence. Guns are used about twice as often in robbery and three times as often in assault in the Caribbean as compared with the global average.

The average rate “of victimization by assault and threat (6.8 percent) is higher than in any other region, including Latin America (4.7 percent)” or Africa (5.2 percent).

Rising crime rates, especially soaring homicide rates in a country like Jamaica, have long been a leading concern in the region and remain a persistent challenge, the Recorder report added.

Source/Famagusta Gazzette

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