Labour Party Accuses DSH Investor of Sowing Division in St Lucia

Former Prime Minister of St Lucia, Dr. Kenny Anthony/Photo: St Lucia Times
Labour Party Accuses DSH Investor of Sowing Division in St Lucia

Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has accused Teo Ah Khing, the Investor behind the controversial DSH project, of causing division in the country and setting St Lucians against each other.

Dr Anthony made the remarks at an opposition rally on the Castries market steps Wednesday.

He said Teo Ah Khing should not be allowed to invest in St Lucia.

“No developer who comes to a country and puts the people of country at war with each other, no developer who comes to a country and causes division among and between the people of the country, that investor should never be allowed to invest in a country if all the investor does is to create warfare, division,” he said.

Dr Anthony said Teo Ah Khing is bringing no money to the table for his investment and was seeking to use the money from the sale of St Lucian passports to raise the money for his development.

Dr Anthony also criticized the government’s decision to cut off the subvention to the St Lucia National Trust and shut down the St Lucia Marketing Board and state-owned Radio St Lucia.

He said “our way of life is being threatened.”

“There are some things in this country that we know we are losing money to operate but we have to keep it because of its intrinsic value to our country. Radio St Lucia is one of those institutions,” Dr Anthony said.

Source/St Lucia Times

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