USA Plans To Spend $ 5.5 Million To Finance “Democracy” In Venezuela

the US State Department, without hesitation, recognizes it is true they invest money to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution
USA Plans To Spend $ 5.5 Million To Finance “Democracy” In Venezuela

The strategies of the United States government and the financing of its agencies to sectors of the Venezuelan political opposition to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution once again become evident. This time, the US State Department, without hesitation, recognizes it is true they invest money to achieve that goal.

In the budget report for fiscal year 2017, containing 196 pages and presented to Congress, it is clearly stated that it is expected to spend $ 5.5 million this year to finance the so-called “civil societies” in Venezuela, which are grouped in non-governmental organizations and subordinated to the interests of opposition sectors.

This figure –according to page 94 of the document– is specifically aimed at “strengthening democratic practices,” a motto on which sectors of the Venezuelan opposition have based their coup actions they have been developing since early April, in which 39 people have been killed, while another 800 have been injured as well as extensive damage to public and private property.

“FY 2017 activities will help civil society to promote institutional transparency, engage diverse constituencies in the democratic process, and defend human rights,” stresses the Department of State’s budget justification, which also says that $ 4.256 million were spent in 2015, and the previous year this portfolio also spent $ 5 million to allegedly “support political efforts to protect the democratic space”, thus ignoring the election results and the triumph of President Nicolas Maduro.

Anti-Chavez funding by the US surpassed $ 100 million between 2002 and 2011, denounced US lawyer and writer Eva Golinger in 2012.

From the very birth of the Bolivarian Revolution, in 1999 –whose foundations are based on the vindication of social struggles and eradication of all forms of exclusion, which marked the policies of governments at the service of imperial interests– Venezuela and its people became a target of attacks and aggressions by sectors of the national and international right. In recent years, these onslaughts have risen.

The financing of foreign agents to coup actions of extremist opposition members has been repeatedly denounced by President Nicolas Maduro and government officials.


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