Venezuela Denounces Colombian Paramilitary Attacks in Tachira

Venezuela's Defense minister, General Vladimir Padrino
Venezuela Denounces Colombian Paramilitary Attacks in Tachira

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) of Venezuela have condemned in a communiqué the attacks on military and police installations by Colombian paramilitary groups in the state of Tachira, near the border with Colombia.

According to the press release, published on Wednesday and signed by Venezuela’s Defense minister, General Vladimir Padrino Lopez, the FANB strongly condemned the acts of terrorism in Tachira yesterday, including the siege of the headquarters of the 215 Genaro Vazquez group of campaign artillery, the burning of police coordination centers in San Juan de Colon and Capacho, and the looting of several commercial establishments in San Cristobal.

As a result of the attacks, FANB Lieutenant Colonel Victor Araque Perez was seriously injured and several police officers were wounded.

The FANB communiqué noted that it is weird that, after having contained those kinds of vandalistic actions nationwide, they emerge again surprisingly in a state bordering Colombia, where the Venezuelan army has dealt a harsh blow to paramilitarism from that country.

The text added that it shows ‘the marked influence of these organizations that, in coordination with criminal groups and with support from the Venezuelan extreme right-wing opposition, carry out such actions with unprecedented violence, affecting not only the military troops and police officers, but also the entire population, as well as public and private assets.’

After these acts, the Venezuelan defense minister ordered the activation of the second phase of the Zamora Plan (concentration phase) in that institution, consisting of actions to guarantee the respect for domestic order, peaceful coexistence and the enjoyment of rights by all citizens.

At the same time, he called on the entire Venezuelan people to prevent violence in any form, ‘because only with constructive dialogue, which has an invaluable opportunity at the National Constituent Assembly called by President Nicolas Maduro, we will be able to find solutions to the problems affecting us and to lay the foundations for peace, progress and development of our beloved nation.’

Venezuelan Minister Announces Detention of Colombian Paramilitaries

Venezuelan Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol announced Wednesday the arrest of six Colombian paramilitaries who participated in the vandal acts perpetrated on the eve of extremist factions of the right in Táchira state.

All of them were wearing uniforms of the Bolivarian National Police, are fully identified and are under the orders of justice with all the corresponding guarantees, stated the minister during a public appearance broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión.

Tuesday’s violent incidents in Venezuela, he emphasized, were planned and executed by Colombian paramilitary groups, financed by the opposition.

He also revealed that 11 commercial establishments were attacked in that region, with millionaire losses for the owners, ‘who will receive help from the Bolivarian government in the short term.’

Also the police station of transit in Táriba, Táchira, and the Police Coordination Center in Capacho were attacked, joining the seven bases of the security forces already affected, he said.

Reverol also stated that ‘in Miranda state four commercial premises were destroyed and caused damage to Los Teques Metro System, where they stole a forklift to make barricades.’

Source/Prensa Latina

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