Venezuelan Leader: All the Opposition Activities Are Funded By the US

Venezuelan revolutionary leader Aristóbulo Istúriz
Venezuelan Leader: All the Opposition Activities Are Funded By the US

Venezuelan revolutionary leader Aristóbulo Istúriz warned Monday that all street activities promoted by the opposition, which left 38 people dead in the last 40 days, are financed by the United States.

“All these activities are financed by imperialism, by the great financial centers that what they want is the overthrow of Nicolás Maduro,” he said, in a debate about the Constituent in the central-south zone of Anzoategui state.

He claimed that part of the funding is evidenced in the equipment to the groups of clash with anti-gas masks, bullet-proof vests and other objects to face the security officials.

Istúriz said that it is not convenient for the opposition an electoral exit because it is committed to violence as a method to reach power.

“They put aside the elections and then the recall referendum. They did not comply because they themselves, as the initiative was taken by (Henrique) Capriles, conspired in order for the recall referendum not to take place,” he said, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión.

He clarified that it is non-viable to hold general elections this year, as the opposition now requests, because this mechanism is not contemplated in the Constitution. “There are presidential elections here when the period expires,” he said.

Isturiz asserted that before this scenario and after exhausting all the ways for a political dialogue, the Head of State was forced to convene the National Constituent Assembly, in order “to seek the only democratic, peaceful and revolutionary way out to face violence”, he added.


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