Senior MP: US Helicopters Transfer Tens of ISIL Terrorists to Afghanistan

Islamic State, terrorist group made up of contracted mercenaries from different countries, armed and equipped by Tel Aviv and Washington/Photo: Fars News
Senior MP: US Helicopters Transfer Tens of ISIL Terrorists to Afghanistan
A senior Afghan legislator revealed that the US helicopters have transferred a large number of ISIL terrorists to the province of Nangarhar in the Eastern parts of the country.

Last week, the US military helicopters transferred over 50 ISIL fighters to Barabad region of the town of Behsoud in Nangarhar province, Zaher Qadir said.

He also disclosed that a container full of military equipment was also delivered to the ISIL terrorists in Nari Obeh region of Nangarhar province.

Qadir called the US as the actual murderer of Afghan people, urging the government to pursue the issue.

Nangarhar was among the relatively calm provinces in Eastern Afghanistan but the Taliban and ISIL have recently increased their activities in some parts of the province in recent years.

This comes as an anti-ISIL operation is underway in Nangarhar to eliminate the presence of ISIL affiliates in this province.

The operations are currently being conducted under the name of Hamza operations which was launched a few months ago to suppress the loyalists of the terror group in this province.

Source/Fars News Agency

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