Denial to Admit Charges against Temer: Illegitimate Maneuvers

Unelected president Michel Temer
Denial to Admit Charges against Temer: Illegitimate Maneuvers

The denial by the Commission of Constitution and Justice (CCJ) of the Chamber of Deputies to admit the denunciation for passive corruption against unelected president Michel Temer is a product of illegitimate maneuvers, highlight today news media.

If it were not for changes made by members not admitted in a republican manner, I am convinced the deputies would have recommended to the plenary the admissiveness of the serious accusation presented by the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), said the clerk of the case, Sergio Zveiter.

In declarations amplified this Friday by digital daily Brasilñ 247, Zveiter said he still hopes that the plenary of the Lower Chamber ‘the illegitimate maneuvers of the Executive will not have the same effect and the authorization (so the Federal Supreme Court judges Temer) will be given’.

Democratically, I respect the result of voting of the CCJ, but lament the methods used by the government to fabricate it artificially, stressed Zveiter, of the Partido del Movimiento Democratico Brasileño (PMDB) in power.

According to that publication, Temer pretends to expand the space of the parties of the so-called ‘Centrao’ in the government, as payment to the decisive support received from these in the CCJ and thanks to whom, at least for now, he escaped from the accusation for passive corruption he faces.

The source detailed that the negotiation spins around two of the ministries occupied today by representatives of the Partido de la Social Democracia Brasileña (PSDB); that of Cities and the Government Secretary.

Until now the main ally of the Planalto Palace, the PSDB freed their deputies yesterday to vote and most of the deputies that form the CCJ did it in favor of admissibility of the serious denunciation.

As the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, announced, voting in the plenary on the continuing process against the Executive will be on August 2nd, once the parliamentary recess is over.

Voting will take place only after there exists a quorum of at least 342 parliament members, reiterated Maia and anticipated that day will be able to speak the defense for 25 minutes and the new clerk, Paulo Abi-Ackel, of the PSDB, who stood in favor of closing the file on the accusation.

After that will speak two deputies in favor and two against, to later start the discussion and finally vote on the admissibility or not, of the denunciation.

In yesterday’s meeting, the CCJ rejected the report of Zveiter, favorable to proceed with the process of Temer, for 40 votes against, 25 in favor and one abstention.

Source/Prensa Latina

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