New Book Reveals Pablo Escobar Links with CIA and DEA

Pablo Escobar: Infraganti, What My Father Never Told Me is a book in which his author piled up the results of six months of research/Photo: Prensa Latina
New Book Reveals Pablo Escobar Links with CIA and DEA

The disappeared Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar had business with the US Intelligence and anti-drug agencies, revealed today here his son Juan Pablo, who included an investigation in this regard in his recent book.

Pablo Escobar: Infraganti, What My Father Never Told Me is a text in which his author piled up the results of six months of research, in which he confirmed the use of ‘drug trafficking routes in coexistence with the CIA to finance the Anticommunist struggle in Central America in the 1980s, ‘he said.

‘I also discovered a route that my father called the train, which had the coexistence of DEA agents at the Miami International Airport to receive people my father sent on commercial flights twice a week with 800 Kilograms of cocaine, ‘he said.

Escobar’s, who used the pseudonym of Sebastián Marroquín before his true identity was known, confirmed that for three years the cartel did not lose a single gram with the complicity of the authorities of Colombia and the United States, who received 3,500 dollars Per Kg.

Photographs that evidence such links and testimony of people who were directly involved, are part of the book that is the continuity of the first volume Pablo Escobar, my father.

Among the stories he scanned was that of the US citizen Barry Seal (1939-1986), who was a pilot of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and later worked for the DEA, and witness the Iran-Contra scandal, based on how the CIA financed the Nicaraguan counter-revolution with drug trade.

Juan Pablo met with Seal’s son to collate information on the Escobar-Seal relationship, explaining that the CIA used federal airports, while the DEA controlled that one of Miami, reflecting an institutional relationship, but did not rule out personal involvement in the traffic.

‘The photographs I published in the book cost Barry Seal’s life in 1986, who was murdered by my father’s men in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and he finally managed to silence his testimony. There is a theory of the family that the United States could conspire to leave him unprotected, ‘he explained.

Source/Prensa Latina

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