Western Media ‘Irresponsible’ on Venezuela: Brazil’s Rousseff

Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff/Photo: EFE
Western Media ‘Irresponsible’ on Venezuela: Brazil’s Rousseff

The leftist Brazilian leader said that biased coverage of Venezuela is intended to facilitate certain political outcomes.

Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said during a BBC interview that Western media outlets are covering political issues taking place in Venezuela in an “irresponsible” manner.

Slamming mainstream media narratives on recent opposition protests, she said that biased coverage of Venezuela is intended to facilitate certain political outcomes.

“They’re going to create what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan here in Latin America: an armed conflict,” Rousseff said.

The leftist Brazilian leader, who was ousted last year in what many considered to be a right-wing parliamentary coup, also expressed support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and efforts to promote dialogue with the opposition.

“Maduro is governing Venezuela in extreme circumstances,” she said, acknowledging that the Venezuelan leader has been attacked from multiple fronts.

“What we need is a way out of this that isn’t bloody.”

Addressing economic issues in Venezuela, Rousseff added that “when the price of oil started to fall, it wasn’t just Venezuela who felt it,” alluding to subsequent financial woes in other Latin American countries.

Since her ousting, Senate-imposed President Michel Temer, who has an approval rating of less than five percent, has pursued a series of austerity measures aimed at cutting labor rights, education, healthcare, poverty reduction and pensions.

Earlier this week, Temer took to Twitter to declare that Venezuela will be welcomed back to the Common Market of the South, Mercosur, with “open arms” once it “returns to a democracy.”


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