Bolivian Ambassador: US is a Threat to the United Nations and Multilateralism

Bolivian permanent ambassador to UN, Sacha Llorenti
Bolivian Ambassador: US is a Threat to the United Nations and Multilateralism

Bolivia’s ambassador has accused the United States of attempting to use the U.N. for its own interventionist purposes.

Recent actions by the United States under the administration of President Donald Trump have endangered the principles of multilateralism that the United Nations embodies, the Bolivian permanent ambassador, Sacha Llorenti said.

“There is a transversal line that weakens the United Nations system, the weakening and harassment against multilateralism, which is the fundamental pillar of the United Nations,” the ambassador said in an interview with Jorge Gestoso on teleSUR.

Llorenti accused the United States of warping and attacking the principle of multilateralism by seeking to “use certain United Nations bodies for its interventionist policy, its policy of regime change, its policy of coups, in different ways.”

He highlighted attempts to use the U.N. Security Council as a way of attacking Venezuela for alleged “human rights” issues, which he said was a misuse of the council.

“The Security Council deals with issues that threaten international peace and security, and the situation in Venezuela is an internal situation. It is a situation that has to be solved by Venezuelans without interference of any kind,” Llorenti said.

The outspoken Bolivian diplomat also pointed to U.S. President Donald Trump’s speech at the 72nd U.N. General Assembly as an attack against the United Nations and principles of international cooperation.

“It has been a dark discourse… contrary to the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter, with a misrepresentation of the principles of sovereignty, and a logic that goes against the spirit of this organization,” he said.

He pointed to the threats of “total destruction toward a United Nations member,” referring to Trump’s rhetoric over the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), as “laying bare a clear intention to dismantle the principles” of the United Nations.

In Trump’s speech before the United Nation’s General Assembly he levied threats and insults toward a host of nations present at the assembly, including Cuba, Venezuela and the DPRK, and promoted a clear “America First” agenda that has sparked international criticism.


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