Gas Price Protest Coming To Belize City

Right now Belize has the highest price per gallon of premium in the region
Gas Price Protest Coming To Belize City

The community activist group Belize Leaders for Social Justice is calling for Belizeans to join together in peaceful protest against the incredibly high gas prices in Belize.

The organization is planning to host the demonstration on Thursday, October 5, beginning at the Constitution Park on Cemetery Road. They will lead a march up Orange street, down Albert Street, and into Battlefield Park, where they will congregate for speeches.

The group’s co-chair, Moses Sulph, explained that the group is calling on the government of Belize to lower the relevant taxes on fuel, in order to bring it down to around $8 per gallon with respect to premium fuel.

“Right now Belize has the highest price per gallon of premium in the region. At $8 dollars it will still be the highest, but it will be more manageable for Belizeans,” Sulph explained.

The call for protest came after two consecutive fuel hikes within a week of each other, which sent regular fuel to over $11 and premium to just below $12 per gallon. The latest hikes represent the 13th time the price of fuel had been adjusted for 2017.

GOB issued a statement on Wednesday, explaining that the high prices reflect greater acquisition costs for fuel, and not any new taxes. GOB also noted that the taxes charged on fuel have not been adjusted since April 2017.

Source/The Reporter

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