Gov’t of the Bahamas Probes All Agencies

All government agencies in The Bahamas are under investigation and review
Gov’t of the Bahamas Probes All Agencies

The Government of The Bahamas has made the decision to conduct a thorough investigation of all agencies and departments with a view to stamp out corruption and malfeasance.

During yesterdays weekly press briefing, Press Secretary Anthony Newbold said all government agencies are under investigation and review, as he responded to questions raised by members of the public after the unveiling of a special list at both the Bahamas Power and Light and the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

When the prime minister took office he said every government department and ministry is going to be reviewed, Newbold said.

He added that there is going to be a comprehensive review of every single department which could take the form of an audit or just general review.

That is what has happened in the case of BPL. And concerning Water and Sewerage, it’s not a thing where because of the revelations last week the government or Cabinet said let’s do an investigation over here, Newbold said.

He added that because of the reviews being done they found some ìsuspiciousî issues.

Newbold said Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has not spoken to the fact that the former prime minister and deputy prime minister were on the alleged Water and Sewerage list as revealed by the Tribune.

He does not care or want to know who is on the list. No one should be on the list. There shouldn’t be a list to begin with, Newbold said.

Since those lists came out, Philip Davis, leader of the official opposition, released a statement explaining that the allegations concerning his business and residence high bills are false.

Addressing United Nations this past week, Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield said the government is working to eradicate corruption.

The Government of The Bahamas has firmly committed itself to eradicating corruption. We are resolved to have in place an efficient, results-based public sector, with an Office of the Ombudsman, in order to create the best environment possible to promote economic development, foreign direct investment, small business development and equal opportunity for all to share in prosperity, Mr. Henfield said.

Since winning the election some four months ago, the Free National Movement government has brought several former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Cabinet ministers before the courts where they were charged with bribery and extortion.

Last month, former Minister of Labour and National Insurance Shane Gibson was granted $40,000 bail with two sureties less than one hour after he was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court on 39 counts of bribery and extortion and one count of misconduct while in public office.

In July, former PLP Member of Parliament Frank Smith was granted $50,000 bail after facing charges of bribery and extortion.

Also in July, former Environment and Housing Minister Kenred Dorsett was questioned, charged and subsequently arraigned in connection with bribery and extortion. He was granted $50,000 bail by the Supreme Court.

In his address to the CARICOM Heads of Government meeting in Grenada two months ago, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis told delegates that the government intends to confront corruption in The Bahamas.

Corruption remains a formidable challenge to small and developing countries, such as my own, and we are determined to brutally confront this challenge, Dr. Minnis said.

Source/The Bahamas Journal

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