Humanitarian Action with Caribbean Islands from Barbados

President of the Clement Payne Movement during the presentation with the Venezuelan Ambassador in Barbados, Francisco Perez Santana and the Barbadian students
Humanitarian Action with Caribbean Islands from Barbados

Press Release: – Young professionals Shari Goring, Naimbi Boyce, Rontia Crichlow graduated in the Republic of Cuba, Shea Best from Riddim Tribe in Barbados, President of the Clement Payne Movement, David Comissiong, intellectual Bobby Clarke, a member of Clement Payne Movement, CARICOM Youth Alternate Ambassador in Barbados, Kaila Headley and the Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Barbados have united in the spirit of solidarity and mutual help among peoples, to make a day of Humanitarian Aid Barbados with the Caribbean Islands, for the territories that have been violently affected by Hurricanes Irma and Jose in recent days.

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, the Clement Payne Movement’s headquarters in Barbados was the meeting place for the press conference held by these bodies to inform the Barbadian people about the concrete actions they will take in the next few days to collect not perishable food, clothing and other donations to bring them, with the collaboration of the Venezuelan government, to the Caribbean peoples who at this time require the support of their Caribbean brothers and sisters.

In that sense, the President of the Clement Payne Movement made the presentation of the guests to the press conference emphasizing the importance of this activity to highlight that it was the young professional graduates in Cuba who have raised this humanitarian initiative that consists of collecting donations for people affected by Hurricane Irma, particularly the people of Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Cuba, and other islands that have been affected such as Saint Martin and the British and French islands. “We propose to focus on the independent countries that are members of the Caribbean community. Most of these students went to Cuba through the Clement Payne Movement on school scholarships. So we propose to establish ourselves as a collection centre in conjunction with the Venezuelan Embassy in Barbados. And immediately the Caribbean movement said yes to doing something for the North of the Caribbean. I want to say that this initiative of these young people is a real initiative of young Barbadians,” concluded Comissiong.

The first to take the floor was Miss. Shari Goring, who thanked the people who were present and interested in supporting the initiative for being there. Best also thanked the Cuban government and people and the Clement Payne movement for giving her the opportunity to graduate as a doctor in Cuba. That experience allowed her to strengthen her values ​​of solidarity by seeing the countless demonstrations of solidarity and help that Cuba gives to the peoples of our America. “So when I saw what was happening to our sister islands, thinking that that might happen on our island, I thought we should join together to help each other, so I proposed to do the collection and the people I talked to told me sure, that they wanted to volunteer to arrange what we receive and organize us, so we decided to do it. The plan is essentially to put these ideas into practice and we hope that the Clement Payne Movement will be a collection centre in conjunction with the Venezuelan Embassy in order to collect non-perishable foods that are not old and do not need refrigeration, such as sardines, tuna salmon. We are also collecting, dry food, flour, sugar, oil and of course water, clothing, medicine, and other products for children, diapers, for our brothers and sisters. Barbuda was 95% devastated. We are looking for any way to help them,” said Best.

Francisco Pérez Santana, head of the Venezuelan mission in Barbados, pointed out that the government, the Venezuelan people and President Nicolás Maduro, always showing solidarity with the Caribbean peoples who have been affected by Hurricane Irma, immediately sent humanitarian aid to Barbuda since September 7, 2017, through two Bolivarian National Armed Forces planes with civil protection personnel, firefighters and 10 tons of food. Also one of the planes went to collect water in St. Lucia to take it to Barbuda. In addition, they have been evacuating the citizens of Barbuda to take them to the shelters in Antigua.

“We offer the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation in Barbados as a collection centre, so that everyone who wishes to collaborate in this humanitarian action can bring the supplies to our brothers and sisters of the Caribbean. Our IVCC students will contribute in this campaign, as they have always demonstrated in similar situations. These actions we are carrying out are part of the legacy of our commander Chavez and the learning of the Cuban people, despite the situation we have faced in our country in recent months, we are always willing to share with our brothers and sisters, and help in critical situations, as the Bolivarian Government did with the humanitarian aid it sent to Texas through Hurricane Harvey. We hope the Barbadian people will once again demonstrate their solidarity with this event that has hit some Caribbean homes,” concluded Pérez.

On his part, Shea Best, a young member of the Riddim Tribe dance group, emphasized that as young people who promote cultural processes on the Barbadian island, they join the humanitarian day of collecting supplies for Caribbean residents. He said: “We are young and we want to help the countries that are our neighbours and that have been victims of Hurricane Irma. We recommend that funds be generated so that we can obtain the items that we can donate in order to help. “

Kaila Headley, CARICOM Youth Alternate Ambassador in Barbados said that for the CARICOM youth organization it means a lot to help young people. “It is a beautiful initiative to help our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean. We have two collection centres to help people who have been affected. Through the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport we will coordinate some activities in this regard.”

The authorities present at the press conference agreed that any other initiative to strengthen the process of collection of donations is welcome, if there is any other body or organization that wants to join this humanitarian day, it will be well received. Humanitarian aid donations will be received from Monday, September 11 through Friday, September 15 at the Clement Payne Centre, from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and at the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation, located at Coconut Walk, Hastings Main Road, Christ Church, from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Once the collection period has been completed, the necessary steps will be taken to send the aid to the countries affected by hurricanes Irma and José.

Source/Clement Payne Movement

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