Police Raid against Lula’s Son Uncovers Dictatorship in Brazil

Former President Ignacio Lula da Silva's son is now being persecuted by the coup-mongers
Police Raid against Lula’s Son Uncovers Dictatorship in Brazil

The police raid against former President Ignacio Lula da Silva’s son, after an anonymous report, shows that Brazil is currently under a dictatorial regime, according to blogger Fernando Brito.

‘We are under a dictatorship and those who do not see it is because they do not want to, or even worse, those who want it’ (the dictatorship), said the editor of the blog Tijolazo, when commenting on the search-and-capture operation carried out yesterday by the Sao Paulo Civil Police at the house of Marcos Lula da Silva.

Brito warned that during the operation, they did not find anything, but ‘what would have prevented them from planting something?’ he questioned.

According to media reports, the search and arrest warrant at the residence of Lula’s son in Paulinia was requested by the Sao Paulo Civil Police and authorized by Judge Marta Brandao Pistelli, based on an anonymous and unfounded report about supposed drug trafficking.

An operation of this kind, based on an anonymous accusation is absolutely unconstitutional, Pedro Estevam Serrano, teacher of Constitutional Law, told the newspaper Brasil 247.

‘The persecution of Lula and his family is terrifying,’ the prominent jurist remarked.

This practice is typical of a state of emergency and indicates that any citizen could be the target of political police, as in the times of Nazism, said state House Representative Alencar Santana, leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) in the Legislative Assembly in Sao Paulo.

‘We cannot allow public institutions to be used in a discretionary way and for political use,’ the legislator said.

Lawyer Cristiano Zanin Martins, the defense representative for the former president’s family, called the judicial action as abuse by the police.

Even when no illegal substance was found in the searched place, the participating agents in the police operation seized computers, documents and discs that belonged to Lula’s son.

Source/Prensa Latina

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