President Maduro Says Fascist’ Group’s Plot to Destabilize Venezuela Foiled

Minister for Electric Energy, Luis Motta Domínguez, denounced tha there have been several cases of electric sabotage leaving about 50 detainees, 38 people dead and have been stolen 190,000 meters of cables
President Maduro Says Fascist’ Group’s Plot to Destabilize Venezuela Foiled

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced Monday that security agencies managed to dismantle a plan, orchestrated by opposition leaders, that sought to attack public services, such as the electricity grid.

“We have captured a plan by a right-wing faction, of the fascist opposition, to attack fundamental public services, against the electricity service. They are desperate. There are leaders of the highest level of the Venezuelan opposition involved in a plan to attack electric services, gasoline service nationwide, water services. It is a campaign to generate dissatisfaction, discontent,” warned the head of state from Maiquetía, Vargas state, during a working meeting with leaders of the regions.

In statements transmitted by state TV channel VTV, Maduro emphasized that this operation – to be unveiled in the next few hours by Executive Vice President Tareck El Aissami – was carried out by state security agencies on Sunday.

The plan, said President Maduro, would be carried out on Monday by those captured – who are already at the order of justice.

“We are chasing the rest of the groups, don’t believe that the right became democratic overnight and stop the guarimbas and goes to the elections, let no one fall into the error of innocence,” said the Venezuelan president.

In this sense, he emphasized that these plans are backed by the government of the United States, in order to generate chaos and despair in Venezuelan society, as well as to stop the table of dialogue that boost the National Government with sectors of the opposition in the Dominican Republic.

“Why do they put so much obstacle to a process of dialogue and political understanding in the country?” President Maduro wondered. “Because their path is always the conspiracy, the plot, the trap,” he said.

In this situation, he urged the Venezuelan people to stand firm in defense of the peace and sovereignty of the country.

“I call on the people to defend the peace, the tranquility we have gained in this time, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces alert. The police forces alert. To raise the defense levels of our people,” he urge.

Last Saturday, the Minister for Electric Energy, Luis Motta Domínguez, denounced the beginning of an electric sabotage plan in Falcón state, with major repercussions in the Peninsula of Paraguaná.

He said that in the last two weeks there have been several cases of sabotage in the country, leaving about 50 detainees.

Motta Dominguez added that 38 people died by electric sabotage and reported that so far that have been stolen in less than three months 190,000 meters of cables.


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