All Preparations Underway Ahead of Elections This Sunday in Cuba

More than 8 million Cuban citizens registered in the voters list are convoked to the ballot boxes, to elect the delegates of the 12,515 Cuban circumscriptions
All Preparations Underway Ahead of Elections This Sunday in Cuba

Just a few days before the elections for delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power this November 26, final details are being addressed in this province in order to guarantee that everything runs smoothly on the day, when over 300,000 voters are expected to head to the polls.

According to Vilma Zamora, president of the Provincial Electoral Commission (CEP), speaking to Granma, “in recent days we have worked to guarantee everything is ready for the election process. The documentation to be delivered to each constituency is being prepared, which includes the stamping of ballot papers, the signing of the electoral register by the presidents of the Municipal Electoral Commissions, the assignation of booklets and other materials.

“Likewise, special attention has been paid to logistics: telephony, means of transport, food,” she added.

One element on which emphasis has been placed in the province – which has 996 polling stations, in 672 constituencies – has been the training of electoral authorities, taking into account that more than 50% (exceeding 8,000 people), are new to this process.

Special commissions are an added strength, she noted. In 2015, they experimented with these for the first time in this province. At that time they were constituted in the municipalities of Bahía Honda, Mariel, Artemisa, and San Cristóbal; on this occasion, the municipality of Bauta has been added. “The 14 special commissions worked during the nomination process and are now activated again for the partial elections,” explained Zamora.

CEP Secretary Diosbel Rojas noted that Artemisa saw growth in terms of nomination areas (2,233) and the number of women nominated (568), representing 41.32% of the total number of nominees (1,373).


After the dynamic test (mock election) held on Sunday, November 19, in the 1,011 authorized polling stations, and in the corresponding electoral commissions, the province of Sancti Spíritus is ready for the elections.

Orelbe Jacomino Ramos, president of the Provincial Electoral Commission, confirmed to the press that despite the temporary interruption of the electoral process, announced on September 9 as a result of the passage of Hurricane Irma across the northern area of the Cuban archipelago, the nomination process in this part of the country developed successfully.

“Sancti Spíritus reaches this election process after a high quality nomination process, given the participation of the people who are used to undertaking this exercise and always took into account the merits, capabilities and real possibilities of nominees,” Jacomino Ramos told reporters.

As an example, he reported that after the rescheduling of the candidate nomination process, Yaguajay, the municipality hit hardest by the hurricane, adjusted to the new schedule and despite the continued rains throughout October, only a very small number of local assemblies were suspended, which demonstrates the positive response of electors to the call to participate.

As Granma reporters were able to verify in a tour of several municipalities in the province, the biographies of candidates for delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power have been exhibited in public places for several days, as required by the Electoral Law.

It was also reported that both supervisory and observation groups appointed to ensure the legality and transparency of the election process and the logistics required – more than 6,800 electoral authorities, 1,567 media and more than 400 vehicles – are activated to carry out their respective roles on Sunday.


On Sunday, June 30, 1974, the first People’s Power elections were held in our country, which began experimentally in this province.

They have been the purest elections in the history of our country; elections without compromises, without fraud, without demagogy or politicking, noted the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, on describing the importance of that event.

This territory had the privilege of testing the methods, mechanisms, regulations and everything that concerns the constitution of People’s Power authorities, before being applied at the national level.

The patriotic feelings that derive from that event constitute today an additional motive for Matanzas residents to massively participate in the elections, noted Idoneida Abreu Domech, president of the Provincial Electoral Commission.

She explained that the dynamic test favored the organization of the entire structure of the electoral system, allowing authorities to reinforce their training, and necessary conditions have been assured across the 1,491 polling stations of the territory.

The province of Matanzas will elect 769 delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power, and of the total nominee candidates, 41.2% are women and 19.8% are young people.

To ensure that all voters have the opportunity to cast their vote, workers in the Tourism, Public Health and other relevant sectors will see their workday schedule adapted to allow them to attend the polls


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