Bahamas’ PM “Troubled” Over Haitians Escape

Bahamas' Press Secretary Anthony Newbold
Bahamas’ PM “Troubled” Over Haitians Escape

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is reportedly disturbed and “troubled” after an empty Haitian sloop washed ashore over the weekend and the escape of  its occupants.

The  hunt for the migrants on board the vessel began on Sunday when the  Royal Bahamas Defence Force said it was investigating the incident that took place a stone’s throw from its base.

With the sloop being big enough to hold 250 people, the nation’s leader wants answers. This was revealed by Press Secretary Anthony Newbold during the government’s weekly press briefing.

“I also want to tell you today that the Prime Minister is very disturbed by the illegal immigrants that landed on Adelaide Beach.

“The Prime Minister is still awaiting the complete report on what happened.  It is something that is unacceptable and nobody should believe it is acceptable,” Mr. Newbold said.

Mr. Newbold further admonished that the Prime Minister is sincere with his immigration ultimatum, charging that he will always advocate for what is humane,  but the law is the law.

“The Prime Minister is deadly serious about his December 31st deadline for illegals to get out.  He will not be deterred by anyone who would coddle those that break the law.

“Being humane is fine and the Prime Minister will always advocate for being humane, but we are a country of laws and you have to abide by them,” said Mr. Newbold.

Speaking to The Journal yesterday,  head of the Immigration Department’s Enforcement Unit  Kirklyn Neely said 57 illegal migrants had been apprehended yesterday up to press time.

Source/The Bahamas Journal

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