Evo Morales Reiterates that the US Plans to Intervene in Venezuela

Bolivian President Evo Morales/Photo: Web
Evo Morales Reiterates that the US Plans to Intervene in Venezuela

Bolivian President Evo Morales reiterated Sunday that the United States plans to intervene in Venezuela to seize the natural resources of that South American nation.

Morales made that complaint during the delivery of the educational facility Hugo Chávez in the municipality of Monteagudo, department of Chuquisaca, and recalled that in the history of mankind the empires on duty appealed to the invasions to take over the riches of other nations.

In addition, he recalled the conspiracies, provocations, and aggressions of the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, against Venezuela and stressed that ‘he has no authority to accuse and judge the Bolivarian country because it responds to the interests of the United States and not to those of the Latin American peoples.’

According to the president, only in 2017, Venezuela will have three elections, one to choose the new members of the Constituent Assembly, another one to select the governors and the last one to elect the municipal authorities, on December 10.

‘How to accuse Venezuela of a dictatorship if three elections have been held and the people elect their authorities with votes?’ Evo said.

Morales expressed his respect for the memory of Hugo Chavez, leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, and described him as a human being with a deep feeling for life and humanity, as well as a great patriot, anti-imperialist and in solidarity with the peoples of the world.

Source/Prensa Latina

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