Venezuela Is in a Whirlpool of Aggression

After the failed violent actions promoted from April to June, the enemies of the Bolivarian process are focusing now on the domestic economy
Venezuela Is in a Whirlpool of Aggression

Venezuela is in a whirlpool of aggression with a particular offensive against the economy, as a preamble to a coup d’état that, according to experts, is under way.

After the failed violent actions promoted from April to June, the enemies of the Bolivarian process are focusing now on the domestic economy.

According to an article published on Tuesday in the newspaper Ultimas Noticias, ‘the sustained attack on the Bolivar (Venezuela’s currency) is fundamental in this scenario, generating its devaluation in such a way that we cannot have monetary sovereignty. Payment of the debt becomes a dangerous weapon. But the major danger comes from the corrupt fifth column, which collaborates, in fact, with the empire,’ the article says.

The text adds that prices became the main battlefield using the war dollar. ‘An economy that depends on imports can hardly achieve monetary and price stability through negotiations, while the imperial right wing wants to overthrow the government.’

In that situation, several critics call on the government to take efficient measures to confront the enemies of the Bolivarian process and of the Venezuelan people in general.

At present, some analysts say that ‘salaries cannot allow acquiring essential goods given the uncontrolled increase in prices’.

That, according to denunciations, is part of an economic coup to overthrow the government, which is evident in an excessive increase in prices and a ferocious attack on the national currency.

That huge inflation that affects Venezuelans today is the economic coup by the domestic bourgeois sectors, with strong support from the external apparatus that the United States moves and organizes to take control of the country’s resources.

Against that background stands out the scourge of corruption, which if prevails, ‘we will not be able to achieve the economic and political stability that the country needs,’ Adan Chavez, who was appointed in charge of Citgo, the U.S.-based branch of Petroleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), commented recently.

The official added that corruption ‘is at present the biggest threat to the Bolivarian Revolution, so those who practice it wherever they are, regardless of where they come from, whoever they are, must be brought to justice and be punished.’

In light of that situation, authorities are making great efforts to deal with the crisis and, according to Chavez, ‘I am certain that the frontal and final combat against corruption and inefficiency must mark this new cycle of the Revolution, as it is being seen already.’

By Luis Beaton/Prensa Latina

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