Bahamas’ PM: Enterprises Bill Will Liberalize Economy

Prime Minister of Bahamas, Dr. Hon. Hubert Minnis
Bahamas’ PM: Enterprises Bill Will Liberalize Economy

Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Hubert Minnis continues to tout the prospects of the passed Commercial Enterprises Bill saying the bill “will ensure the ease of doing business in the country.”

The Prime Minister  was addressing a reception for Bahamians and friends of the Bahamas residing in Washington, Northern Virginia and Maryland on Saturday.

His comments come on the heels of the Bahamas receiving a stable outlook from credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s.

Dr. Minnis  said the new bill allows those major businesses that do not currently exist in the Bahamas – such as aquaculture and biotechnology — to be brought into the Bahamas.

“We are stabilizing public finances and reforming government. We are ensuring the greater ease of doing business for Bahamians and foreign investors.

“I am excited at the prospect of Bahamians as well as individuals of Bahamian heritage, who are not Bahamian citizens, but who have family ties in The Bahamas, utilizing the new Commercial Bill to invest in The Bahamas.

“We are committed to making The Bahamas a more fair, more just society, less burdened by violent crime and less burdened by corruption by public officials,” Dr. Minnis said.

Source/The Bahamas Journal

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