No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela, Says UN Expert

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza met on Monday with the UN expert, Alfred De Zayas
No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela, Says UN Expert

The independent expert of the UN Organization for the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitative International Order, Alfred De Zayas, assured there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, reports the local media today.

‘I agree with FAO and Eclac reports there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, although there may be some shortage, delays in distribution, etc’, declared De Zayas before leaving for Quito, Ecuador after a one-week visit to Venezuela to evaluate this country’s situation.

The expert indicated the international community must know the causes of smuggling, monopolies, hoarding, corruption, manipulation of the local currency and dislocation of the economy by an economic and financial war that includes sanctions and pressures.

After describing as histrionic the media campaign against this nation, he suggested good will and dialog as the base to protect and strengthen human rights and assured he will emit constructive and timely recommendations on Venezuela in the report he must present to the UN Council of Human Rights in March, 2018.

De Zayas recognized the will of the Bolivarian government and, especially, of President Nicolas Maduro to keep a constant dialogue with the opposition, in order to achieve political, social and economic stability.

According to Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, who met on Monday with the UN expert, his wish is for an understanding between the government and the opposition.

‘He recognized president Nicolas Maduro has permanently called for peace, dialogue and we estimate all will be alright for the United Nations for international cooperation, that is one of the issues this expert will defend’, assured the Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Relations.

Source/Prensa Latina

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