Plans for 400 New Homes For Dominica Revealed

Two projects will begin next year to bring almost 400 homes to Dominica
Plans for 400 New Homes For Dominica Revealed

Two projects will begin next year to bring almost 400 homes to Dominica, it was announced this morning.

The developments look set to create commercial and office spaces as well, which could be used by the private sector as well as the government.

Acting prime minister John Collin McIntyre said that these projects could send Dominica “to a much higher plane.”

Roseau City Square, which will be created near the capital’s Financial Centre, will provide 100 units while Phoenix City in Picard will add around 292.

They will be built by Montreal Management Consultants Est (MMCE).

This company was responsible for the construction of the 340 residential units in Bellevue to re-home the inhabitants of Petite Savanne who were displaced following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika in 2015.

Garvin Joseph, liaison officer for the project, said that the previous MMCE project “set the standard as model social housing in the region” and that they are working closely with the Dominican government.

Joseph added that the Picard development was “aptly named after the legendary bird that resembles Dominica’s rebirth.”

‘Much Needed’

Speaking about the Roseau development, acting PM McIntyre said he was “very happy”.

“It is the government’s policy, and the police of our prime minister terms of the vision and what has been articulated internationally and globally, to really build a modern city that is resilient.

“From what I see here today, and what I’ve seen from the presentation, I’ve seen something is very resilient and can stand up to the force of Hurricane Maria-type events.”

Project manager Chris Timmins said the designs for dwellings had to be as resilient as possible to hurricanes and earthquakes.

For that reason, the developers are using similar designs to Bellevue Chopin as they have proven to be sturdy.

“The two projects will provide a much needed addition to the housing stock in Dominica, as it stands,” Timmins added.

Images of the designs will be released in the near future, it is expected.

Garvin Joseph stated during the press conference that MMCE has additional plans for smaller housing projects in La Plaine, Grand Fond, Castle Bruce, the Kalinago Territory, Vieille Case and Newtown.

Source/WIC News

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